The Growl Store

We’re all about growlers and local beer. We provide the best local beer experience by focusing on the following:
  • We are helping you be a more sustainable beer consumer. Reduce & reuse are the top tiers of the sustainability model, with recycling being at the bottom.
  • We will not sell cans or bottles as a part of our sustainable beer model.
  • All of our beers will be from breweries within 100 miles of Seattle. Think small batch breweries with hard to find beers. We are committed to showcasing the best beer our local community has to offer. Local beers also have a lower carbon foot print as compared to out of state beers.
  • We are about the growler ecosystem, offering products to extend the life of  your beer, products to help keep your growler clean and carriers to help you get that great beer home.


1222 E. Madison (near 12th Ave)
Capitol Hill, Seattle


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-8:30pm

Wednesday Closed

Friday & Saturday 3pm – 10pm

Sunday 3pm-8:30pm

May affect regular business hours